Kitchen Nightmare

So last night I was very much looking forward to coming home after a long, busy day of classes, to my boyfriend cooking me a lovely meal with a nice bottle of red wine. I got home to find him just starting dinner, which was polenta with rosemary chicken, asperagus, and tomatoe sauce poured over. I sat down with a nice glass of wine, then after a bit I got up to help him heat up the sauce and prepare our plates (meanwhile my other roommate hasn’t even started cooking yet) and I realize my microwave will NOT heat up the tomato sauce!!!

Next thing I know our entire kitchen basically explodes with malfunctions. Our stove stopped working, our fridge turned off, and my bathroom light won’t turn on because its behind the wall of the stove. Luckily Joey and I’s dinner was finished besides the cold tomato sauce, but I felt sooo bad for my roommate who ended up eating a leftover sandwich from the day before.

Basically, the main drama was that our fridge turned off….AAAHHHHH I HAVE SO MUCH GOOD FOOD IN THERE!!!! Also, my roommate has her medications in there that MUST stay refrigerated or they go bad. OOPS. Well lucky the security guard was smart, and after trying to fix all the fuses on our floor, which didn’t work, he found us an extension cord to we could at least save our fridge and all the lovely food inside. So thats the drama that ensued after all I wanted was to relax and take a breather after all the work and classes of the day. But, whata ya gonna do? Shit happens.

Anyways…food yesterday: I woke up and had a scrumptious bowl of oats. I’ve been eating alot of oatbran, but today I thought I would try some good ol fashioned. They were marvelous, but I think I’m still a huge oatbran fan…ol fashion

Along side I had a nice hot cup of Illy Espresso french press coffee. I buy the medium grind and its soooo good. I personally can’t stand watered down coffee, and by using espresso grind my coffee never fails me.illy

I did some work and dilidaddled on the internet for a while, then off to Club Strength at the BSC!!! Never fails to kill me everytime, but it feels good after.

Post gym snack was a chocolate Pure Protein shake. I drink these all the time, they supply me with excellent protein and they taste marvelous. As you keep reading my blog you will see I am a huge protein lover. I don’t have a picture of my drink, but heres what it looks like…imagesLunch was a yummy salad of salmon, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, and cottage cheese. Weird, but tastes yummy…salmon salad

Since dinner turned it to a chaotic kitchen nightmare I didn’t get pictures of our meal, but mmmmm it was good, and I’m so thankful that the appliances decided to give out once we just about finished cooking.

This lovely Thursday morning I ate a nice bowl of oatbran with way Jay Robb’s Protein Powder (sooo good), too many blueberries to count, lots fo cinnamon, and some pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and slivered almonds.oatbranThe view from my apartment of downtown Boston is amazing. Every morning I wake up to a beautiful sun rise. Can’t wait for warm weather!!!view

I’m off to finish up some Writing for Marketing work, I have to some how complete an entire press kit in just a few weeks. A bit stressful since I’m just learning it all.

I am going to attempt to find a way to boil water and make some french press, but we will see. I have to call the electrician and get this darn kitchen back in working order!! I’m off to the gym then class this evening then over to the boy’s house for the night so I will be back with my happenings tomorrow. I hope you all are enjoying the first stages of my blog!!! I hope to only make it better and better!!!!


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