Thursday Night Class at Fajita night!!

Today has been hectic so far and I only managed to get pictures of the lovely bowl of oatbran I enjoyed this morning.
I ended up being able to go to Club Strength class because the maintenance people had to come back later in the day to fix my kitchen.
I had a scrumptious pita sandwich with hummus, turkey, spinach, cayenne pepper, and tomatoes. As you’ll notice, I’m a big spicy food fan! I’ll get better about taking pictures during the day.
This evening I’m off to class for Contemporary Ethics. We are watching Gattaca in class and discussing whether cloning is morally right or wrong. Sounds interesting.snackers
I packed this snack to eat during class in my brand new BuiltNY lunch baggy that came in the mail today during my kitchen nightmare.
Tonight I’m headed to Jojo’s house to make fajitas and banana bread. We are going to try eatingbender’s “betta banana bread” and substitute greek yogurt for the apple sauce. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Question of the evening: What are some great portable snacks ideas?


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