TGTF=Thank God Tomorrows Friday

Today started out super slow paced and relaxing. Joey woke up super early, therefore I was up earlier than usual. I’m the worst at sleeping in! I think my biological clock is permanently set to about 7:30-8AM whether its a weekday or a weekend. GRRRR!!! It’s so frustrating when you wanna sleep in!!!!

I woke up and whipped out this scrumptious bowl of overnight oatbran. I don’t know if anyone soaks oatbran overnight, but I like to do it because all the flavors soak in.

p40200011p4020002This bowl contained:

  1. 1/3 cup oatbran
  2. 1 cup water (plus a TBS more in the morning)
  3. 2 TBS ground flaxseed
  4. 1 truvia packet
  5. tons and tons of cinnamon

Morning Mix Ins:

  1. Vanilla protein powder
  2. 1/4 cup frozen blueberries
  3. 1/4 cup normal blueberries
  4. 2 TBS GoLean Crunch
  5. 1 TBS Naturally Nutty Peanut Butter

Along side I had a nice big cup of french press coffee with Silk Vanilla Creamer. Love this stuff!!!

I went back to sleep after doing some reading.

At 11:30 I finally got my lazy self out of bed, grabbed an apple, and headed out the door for Club Strength. Gym classes seem to be the easiest and most beneficial way for me to get a good workout in.


If you haven’t tried ZUMBA, I highly recommend. It’s a whole bunch of good working out disguised as dancing!!!

I came home and had a turkey and avocado sandwich that I scarfed down before I had time to take a picture. OOPS!

I had class tonight at 6pm so I brought this staple snack with me…p4020003

I got home and Joey was a busy bee in the kitchen cooking up a nice dinner of rosemary chicken (my fav-I’ll get the recipe up soon), roasted broccoli, caprese, and polenta slices. YUMOOOOO

Tomorrow I MUST do laundry first thing, then I have to get the house ready for my close friend Katie who is arriving from home!! Can’t wait to see her!!!!

Tomorrow evening kicks off the birthday weekend so prepare yourself for some kickass blogging pictures and fooding!!! oh yum!

I leave you with a good way to make oatmeal special and some chill music…

A Great Way To Turn Oatmeal Into a Special Occasion

Oven Oatmeal

Oven Oatmeal – Bitten Blog –

I think since this coming weekend is my birthday weekend I’m going to try this recipe and spruce it up with a bunch of yummy goodies that I’m going to treat myself with.

I think this is a great way to turn your everyday oatmeal into a special occasion. Plus, there is great leftover potential here for the work week!!!!


2 responses to “TGTF=Thank God Tomorrows Friday

  1. Hey there!

    You have such cool ideas for better-for-you food! The Special Occasion oatmeal looks really tasty!! Your blog definitely inspires creative thinking and I can’t wait to see more eats! Have a great Friday!

    P.s. If you like granola, come visit my site! I’m hosting a Zoe’s granola giveaway to two winners (2 boxes each!). 🙂

    • FANTASTIC! I just finished my very first box of Zoe’s granola and it’s hard to find around here! Love that stuff!!!!! I’ll def check out your giveaway. I’m so glad to hear that my blog has inspired some creative thinking. that’s what I’m going for!!! good oats, good food, good music, what else do you need!

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