Got Me Some Goods!

Today I woke up feeling very off– pounding headache and soar throat. I hate getting sick so I told myself noooo wayyyy joseee I am not getting sick!

To distract myself from my funk I did a bit of homework and enjoyed a nice breakfast with JOJO.

On the Menu: eggs, cottage cheese, and Iggy’s 7-grain bread (sooooo good for sandwiches and everything else).p4080001I got a bit of my media kit for Museums of Boston done, but I still have a long way to go…Can’t wait till its finished. My goal is to get it completed by the Boston Marathon, so I can enjoy the marathon and relax finally!!!!

Today was whole foods day since I didn’t go to my first two classes.

  • Grocery List:p4080002Greek yogurts
  • Vermont bread company whole wheat bread (first time trying)
  • tomatoes
  • rosemary
  • Jay Robb’s protein powder
  • Forest Berries low sugar jamp4080003
  • cottage cheese
  • mozzarella balls
  • red pepper relish
  • POM SEEEDS!! (I’ve been waiting for these to show up!)
  • chicken breasts for stir fry tonight
  • szechuan sauce
  • brown rice
  • deli turkey meatp4080004
  • two grapefruits
  • two fuji apples
  • broccoli
  • stir fry veggies (pre-cut)

Lunch today was rushed and I was not too hungry. I did however eat a piece of delectable carrot cake from Whole Foods. Every once in a while you gotta just have your cake and eat it too!

other snacks of the day:

down some choco protein

down some choco protein

Fuji and Naturally More

Fuji and Naturally More

Dinner this evening was quick and so yummy. I loved the sticky brown rice that went with the veggies and chicken!p4080005caprese to go along with the stir fry…totally different cuisine, but my fav fav fav!p4080006Dessert:

Probably some frozen chocolate yogurt I have waiting for me in the fridge. I don’t know what I’ll put on it yet, but something to kick it up a notch!!!

Check out this Fitness Food Face Off to get some good ideas and suggestions to fuel your workouts!


2 responses to “Got Me Some Goods!

  1. Walter the Great

    Wow that looks like a great stir fry!!

  2. Looks like you found some awesome treats at Whole Foods. I’ve never seen pom seeds sold like that. So cool!

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