Free sample and some mighty oatbran!

Man oh Man I love Thursdays!!! I have only one class at 6pm, then I come home and have a lovely meal with Joey and my weekend begins. Having no classes on Fridays is the best!

Last night I recieved my free sample of Barney Butter to try. I was so excited to add it into my standard bowl of oats this morning!!!!

p4090001I tasted a little of it before I added it to my oats and I was suprised to find that it’s not at all like standard almond butter I usually buy. It was alot more salty ( in my opinion). It was like the smooth jiffy of almond butter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fabulous!!!!

Conclusion: I absolutely love it and I think the saltiness with go great as a snack along side a fuji apple tomorrow!!! I wish I would have gotten a crunchy Barney Butter sample, I prefer crunchy nut butters over smooth.p4090002Usual: 1/3 c oatbran, 1 cup water, dash of salt, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, blueberries, chopped almonds, and new addition –>Barney Butter!!

I was very pleased with my oats this morning and I have concluded that I will be ordering some CRUNCHY Barney Butter!p4090004These pictures are so bright because IT’S FINALLY SUNNY AND WARMER IN BOSTON!!!!!WOOT WOOT!

It was crazy today with all the Red Sox fans everyone. I have to admit, I dread the T rides when there are Red Sox games because I live right by Fenway and it gets way way waayyy too crowded with drunk fans haha!

Tonight Jojo and I made a fabulous dinner….recipe in next post.

The rest of my day:

  • Club Strength
  • Lunch= protein drink, egg burrito with cheese and spinach, fuji apple
  • class at 6PM–>brought a fage greek yogurt with golean and golean crunch to mix in

Question of the evening:

Do you prefer crunchy or smooth nut butters?


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