Easter Weekend!

This weekend was marvelous, I did no work, ate a bunch of delicious food, relaxed with Joey, and shared good laughs.

Friday Joey and I headed over to Harvard Square to eat at Crema Cafe. This place is rediculously good, so if your ever in the area please try it.

I ordered a turkey, tomato, and avocado pressed sandwich and Joey got the Crema Chicken sandwich with cotija cheese, avocado, and corn. deeeeelish!

I also ordered the ginger steamer. Sweet and spicy! Dessert was their outrageous oatmeal raisin cookies with cranberries, walnuts, and chocolate!!!p4100001p4100004We scarfed it before I even had a chance to take a picture. But here is the aftermath. So yummy.p4100003p4100002

We walked around the square for a bit to digest our delicious lunch… in the square this young chess player was really challenging this old chess master at a game. Joey suggested we watch Searching for Bobby Fisher, a great moving story about this young boy who was a chess genius!!! I recommend it. I need to learn how to play chess!p41000071

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early (it’s impossible for me to sleep in anymore) and had a nice breakfast and leisurly morning by myself while Joey slept.


1 egg over easy on top of cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed

1 egg over easy on top of cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed

Saturday afternoon Joey and I decided to make barefoot contessa’s Black and White Angel food cake! I didn’t have an angel food cake pan so we baked it in a square one and cut it in have, then stacked it like a cake.

I also forgot how much whipping and frothing you have to do to form the eggwhites into peaks. I don’t have an electric mixer so Joey and I had to resort to doing it by hand. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT HAHA!


I also recieved this lovely package in the mail from Stonyfield Farm!!!! They sent me a little tote along with 4 free coupons to test their Greek Yogurt and write a review. So be on the lookout for my review…I can’t wait to try the different flavors!!!p4110011

Sunday night we had Easter taco night. Joey made is lucious guacamole and also some chicken and steak with bell peppers and onions. It kinda turned into fajitas, but were basically the same thing. Yuummmmyyyy in my tummy. All sunday we basically lounged around and watched TV. Very relaxing, but now I have quite a bit of work to get crackin on so I can finish it by next Monday. BOSTON MARATHON MONDAY!!!!


GET your elbow outa there JOJO

GET your elbow outa there JOJO


This week my life is going to be super hectic so I may not be as good about blogging. I will make sure I recap everything I don’t post once I get my work done.

As you can see I broke my coffee cup this morning….so things are already getting super hectic!!!p4110012

I def am going to need to find some ways to de-stress and focus my attention on the tasks infront of me….

Question of the day:

How do you de-stress?

I leave you for the day with this lovely band. Please indulge your ears….


One response to “Easter Weekend!

  1. are you running in bostons marathon?!? if so holy god! braveness! love the song obvi bc we love the same songs 🙂 destresss? i workout lol..it helps take my mind off things

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