Weekend Recap and Crackdown Time

This weekend was superb!!! The Boston Marathon was yesterday and it was my first time experiencing it! It was awesome!!!!

First off lets start with Friday:

I had some work to do, so it was a pretty mellow day. I went to the gym and did half an hour on the eliptical and then a bit of strength training.

Yogurt feul for workout!

Yogurt feul for workout!

To get some fresh air JOJO and I took a nice walk across the bridge and then headed to get some frozen yogurt at JPlicks!!! This place is the best!

Its finally warming up!

Its finally warming up!

When we reached the otherside of the bridge this guy was at the crosswalk pumpin out pushups for like 5 min! Hahah it was a bit awkward. p4170002After we grabbed some ice cream and headed to my rooftop deck to eat it. We meant to save the ice cream until we got to the roof, but we ended up snarfing it down by the time we got there.p4170015We had a relaxing evening and watched the Flyers game!!!!!!!

For din din JOJO and I made spagetti with my Dad’s Sauce…1Recipe:

Dads sauce
1.  saute three cloves garlic in 3 tbls evo oil ( do not burn the garlic) in a large sauce pan
2. Add 1 medium onion, saute until onion is translucent and 3 stalks of finely chopped celery
3. In another fry pan saute 1/8 lb. of chopped Pancetta, 1/2 lb. lean organic ground beef, 1/4 lb. ground pork until browned, drain and add to onion and garlic
4. add two large cans of chopped Italian tomatoes and half a bottle of decent italian red wine
5. turn the heat to simmer and let the sauce reduce for 1 and half to two hours.

Drink the remaining half of the red wine while you wait!


I had another yogurt fuel, same as yesterday before I headed to the gym…I was going to do Club Strength class, but I walked in and it was absolutely packed!!!!

I ended up just resorting to my same workout as yesterday. Eliptical and some strength and core.

For lunch JOJO and I headed to the BU cafeteria where they make awesome sandwiches!!!! I don’t have a pic, but mine was on WW bread with Chicken, tomato, basil, mozzarella, and dijon mustard.

We headed off to watch the Wentworth vs. Endicott lacrosse game…then had some grub from the tailgate party. Joey’s friend Taylor plays for Endicott, so he ended up staying with us for the night to hang out.

Sunday Morning = Reggae Brunch Sunday!

Joey, Taylor, and I went to Reggae Sunday Brunch at Johnny’s on the Side. An awesome place near the North End.

I had eggs benedict with salmon and spinach

I had eggs benedict with salmon and spinach

We all split an order of pancakes and sipped on some fresh mimosas!

p4190024p4190025p4190026After brunch we took a stroll to BODEGA where I picked out a sick pair of silver nikes!!!! They are quite fresh I must say!


MONDAY: Boston Marathon!!!!!

We had so much fun yesterday!!! We stood outside and watched all the runners go by! We felt so bad for them so we bought some pizzas and held them out for whoever would grab it. Alot of people actually did hahaha….we ended up getting 4 pies!

p4200048p4200051p4200053Overall a great Monday!!!! For dinner Joey and I ordered Crazy Dough’s Pizza…the best ever in Boston. They actually won best pizza in the country in 2004!!!!!…Sorry no pictures, we were so tired and ate it way too fast.

TUESDAY: Time to crack down on school work

So this weekend was fabulous, but I procrastinated and didn’t get any work done. Today I am going to Club Strength and then I’m off to interview some Drag Queens for one of my class’s final project…should be interesting!

This morning I had a nice bowl of the usual oat bran.p4210056I’m off the Club Strength and then I’ll be back to make a quick lunch before I head out the door for the interviews.

Cheers to a happy tuesday! The weather is crap though : (


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  1. Wow! You’ve been having a lot of fun lately.

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