Sunny Boston! Love Thursdays

Thank goodness its Thursday and I can finally turn in my paper this evening. With this paper out of the way I only have one more project to complete by next week. All my other projects are basically finished, I just have to present them. OOF!!!

It’s a sunny day in Boston and I can’t wait to step outside and get some fresh air on my way to Club Strength. I’ve gotten in such a routine of work out classes. I need to come up with some fun outdoor workouts I can do since the weather is so lovely!!

Any Outdoor Workout Suggestions?

Besides running?? : / I have terrible knees from skiing and running is too much impact on them.

Yesterday Afternoon recap ( I was too busy with work to post yesterday…sorry)

p4210002This yogurt is fantastic!!!!!! CHECK OUT THEIR SITE

The plain only have 110 calories and 22 GRAMS PROTEIN!!! It’s super thick and not too tart, it pair perfectly with any cereal or granola you prefer! I haven’t tried any of the flavors yet, but if it is still in stock at Whole Foods I will def test them out and let you know what I think!

This evening I plan on testing the sample Oikos Greek yogurt I recently recieved in the mail so be on the look out for some reviews!

Snack #1p4220010These drinks are sooooo yummy! They fill me up a ton too! p4220011It was gloomy yesterday….Thank goodness it isn’t that way today!!!!!

An hour later I had some lunch…I am very low on groceries in the household so I had to resort to another breakfast.

Cottage cheese with flaxseed and a fried egg on top. On the side a half grapefruit. This doesn’t look very appetizing, but it’s quite yummy!

The juice from the grapefruit splattered everywhere...sorry for the mess

The juice from the grapefruit splattered everywhere...sorry for the mess

Dinner while JOJO and I watched the Flyers game was another delicous grilled Ham and cheese sandwich with dijon mustard and fuji apple slices. The soup was creamy red pepper and tomato! YUMOp4210005I had mine on sesame Ezekial bread….I absolutely adore this company. Their products are so wholesome and tasty while being super duper healthy. Gotta love’em!

The oozed out cheese on the side

The oozed out cheese on the side

This Morning:

I woke up and had a lovely new mixture of oats…

In the Mix:

1/2 cup oatbran

1/2 cup 5grain


a pinch of salt

and 1 cup milk


microed blueberries


and a dollop of Naturally More Almond Butter

p4230012I also had some Earl Grey Tea with sugar and a splash of milk…I’m trying to cut back on coffee for the time being. I’m working on my body alkalinity!!!!! More info on a post once I get some more info about it.p4230013Unfortunate News:

Chewing Gum is Bad BAD BAD!!!!!! According to the Mayo Clinic, when you chew gum the body tricks itself into thinking you are ingesting food because of the movements of the jaw. Therefore you chew and your body prepares itself for nourishment by producing digestive acids that break down food in your stomach. So if you have an acid problem or your body alkalinity is out of wack, you may want to consider cutting way back on chewing gum….I am very sad to hear this.

On a happier note….

Indulge your senses in some music to kick start this fabulous almost summer day!

This song has been my number one picker-upper ever since I could remember!

Kiss By Prince


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