Luda and Summer Things

Good Saturday!!!!!! Today Joey and I are headed over to Tufts for their Concert/shindig/summer/thing….and LUDACRIS is performing hahahahah.

I’m not a huge far nor do I know a bunch of his music, but I’m gonna roll on over there and have some fun!

Yesterday I had some doc appointments so I woke up grabbed a quick breakfast of eggs, toast, and half a grapefruit.

On the train back I scarfed down an apple while I watched this lady freak about not knowing the T system.

Lunch: Sandwich in the Jungle.p4240001

Fix Ins: Turkey, avocado, dijon, cucumbers, and arugula….looks like a forest of arugula!p4240002Joey and I decided to go see a movie last night…so we headed over to cambridge 1 for some of the best thin crust pizza in Boston.

I forgot my camera, but I got the Tomato, fontina, chicken, and basil pizza. with loads of red pepper flakes!

We saw the movie State of Play. It was intense, but I recommend going!

This morning:

I had my grapefruit, egg, and cottage cheese with flaxseed breakfastp4250004p4250005I also tried this new little purchase. I’ve been seeing it alot on Jenn’s blog and I’ve been really looking for an alternative boost other than coffee. I still get my coffee, but this nice healthy green drink did the trick!

p4250009The taste wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. I mixed it in a small glass of water and chugged it so I could try and get it down. It went well. I hope my energy is up today, I’m going to need it!!!!

Off to Tufts. I will try and get a good picture of LUDAAAAAA


One response to “Luda and Summer Things

  1. Haha… Ludacris – I’m looking forward to hearing about the concert!

    The T is so easy to figure out. I don’t understand why people get so flustered over it?!

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