Sunday Brunch & Recuperation

Joey and I had quite the time yesterday at Tuft’s Spring Fling. The weather was awesome and there were people everywhere having a good time.

We went and watched LUDA around 4pm. It concert was held on a grassy hill. We were pretty far from the stage, but it was still really fun!!! I forgot my camera at my friend’s house so I unfortunately don’t have any pics of luddaaaa

So sum up my LUDA Saturday….it was basically a gong show!

Sunday: This morning I woke up, had a quick pre-workout snack and then headed to Total Body Conditioning. I was sooo not in the mood this morning, but I knew it would be good to sweat out some of the toxins from Saturday.

For brunch Joey and I went to Johnny’s On the Side Reggae Brunch. p4260001Joey got the Chorizo breakfast sandwich with avocado. We also ordered a plate of pancakes for the table!

p4260002I ordered the pastrami smoked salmon benedict. The way they cooked the salmon was amazing. It was flaky and full of flavor. Perfect!

p4260003After brunch Joey and I walked to Shaws to get supplies for dinner tonight….We had planned to have Chicken Parm, but we had a problem ( more on that later)

p4260007On our way to the store we ran into a parade down Boylston St. I guess today is Greek Independence day!

I bought a new Almond Butter at the store today to try as an afternoon snack. I’m on a real mission to find my favorite almond butter!


Product Review: I got the no stir kind because it’s such a hassle to stir stir stir , or put the jar upside down to let the oil incorporate into the butter.

Maranatha’s Crunch Almond butter is delightful. It’s got nice crunch with a good roasted flavor. It has a slight sweetness to it, which is also nice since alot of almond butters can be pretty strong. This almond butter is a good choice if your not much of an almond butter eater. I personally love almond butter so this will be my go-to when I want a sweeter version.

Overall score: 8 out of 10!!!p4260009Dinner tonight:

We were planning on Chicken Parm and we got all the ingredients for it, but there were no bread crumbs to be found in the house….so we had to resort to chicken and pasta with mozzarella.p4260011My plate included: Chicken with mozzarella and tomato sauce, a little whole wheat pasta, and my arugula salad with tomato, parmesan, and balsamic and olive oil. Such a simple, but very tasty salad.

p4260013Joey had a big bowl of pasta with chicken and melted mozzarella pieces mixed in.p4260014The weather is still warm, but there is a slight breeze. Joey and I just got back from a nice walk to JPLicks where we both got a small cone of ice cream. No pics. eeeek, but I got soft serve chocolate on a cake cone and Joey got Oatmeal cookie on a cake cone. His tastes EXACTLY like an oatmeal cookie. soooooo yummy.

We are going to watch a movie and hit the sack, gotta get up early tomorrow for some school cramming. Gonna be a tough week.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend….too bad it’s already over!

M83–> We Own the Sky


2 responses to “Sunday Brunch & Recuperation

  1. Brunch looks great – I’ll have to check out Johnny’s On the Side.

  2. Mmmm, everything looks great! Especially those pancakes! Almond butter ❤ ❤

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