I’m Back and Almost Finished

Hello Hello!!!!!!

Sorry I have been M.I.A, but I had to force myself to not get sidetracked and finish the work necessary to complete this year. I finished my Media Kit for a nonprofit and I will be presenting it tomorrow. I am so nervous!!!! I also have a PR final tomorrow, but it won’t be too bad. Other than that I have to write a film critique and take my final for Contemporary Ethics.

I may not post again till Wed. morning depending on how much ethics studying I get finished.

So to recap the past few days. There has been some super exciting fun moments, and then alot of study study boring study.

I’ve been good about staying consistent with my gym routine, it seems to help me focus and feel healthy and happy.

I have been doing some blog reading the past few days and there are so many products and recipes I am dying to try!!!! First off there is a CHIA seed craze going on and I need to try them out! Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run has been making some scrumptious eats using Chia Goodness.

RECAP: Friday

Friday I woke up and headed to the gym to clear my mind so I can get some studying done. Before heading out the door I had a delectable bowl of oat bran. The usual bowl with, but with a spoonful of Maranatha Crunchy almond butter and four PB puffins for a little crunch. p4280011Oatbran in the morning is the best fuel for a good workout. Especially when I add protein powder I always seem to work harder and enjoy the workout classes rather than constantly checking the clock dying for it to be over already.

For me working out needs to be more of a group thing. I am not a very good personal motivator for myself to go to the gym and sweat it out all alone. Gym classes seem to be the best form of excersize for me, although there are those few days where the classes are just far too packed. After showering I had some liquid protein!p4280013I am trying to put on a couple pounds, so the extra protein drinks here and there seem to be helping a little.

Any other healthy suggestions or advice? I would really love to hear your thoughts.

p4280001For lunch I had have smoked salmon half egg white pita pizza with melted laughing cow and arugula. It was very tasty. Since I rarely cook fish for dinner, which I really need to start doing, I really love incorporating smoked salmon into my lunches from time to time.p4280003To speed up this recap and get to the good stuff I am just going to post photos from friday dinner and saturday.p4280004SATURDAY:

Brekkie: Iced coffee and Organic food bar. SO YUMMYp5010002Recipe for DELISH non-watered down iced coffee coming shortly!!!!! Believe me, you’ll want this!!!


p5020012Lunch was a Turkey sandwich brought by JOJO. No pic cuz we went straight to Wolverine.


p5010003p5010004p5010005SUPRISE!!!!! JOJO got me tickets to see Adele last night!!!!! He was gone all day at a club hockey game, and I was trying to figure out what we wanted to do last night. I got an email from Live Nation with concert updates and I saw that Adele was playing. I was so bummed that I hadn’t bought tickets so I just plopped down on the bed and watched food network till Joey got home. When he got back he threw the tickets on the bed!!!!! I was so happy! It was an amazing show and she is hilarious!!! She’s only turning 21 this coming Tuesday! I thought she was at least 24!img_0177The concert was fabulous and made my whole weekend! After it was still nice out so we walked to Cold Stone and cured out sugar craving. I got sweet cream with blueberries and almonds. Devoured it!

Today:p5030013Preworkout fuel with the usual oatbran protein powder, flax, blueberrie mixture. I added a teaspoon of three kinds of nut butters: my own ground almond butter from whole foods, naturally more PB, Maranatha Crunchy almond butter.

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING!!!! kicked my ass, but felt good since I knew I would be sitting on my ass the rest of the day studying.

post workout fuelp5020010LUNCH:

egg, avocado, cheddar cheese pitap5020011MORE iced coffeep5020009I haven’t planned dinner yet, but I’m in a lazy mood so it might be breakfast for dinner.

Tomorrow I will post the awesome iced coffee recipe I found that you all must try. I know you will love it, especially since it’s warming up!!!!

I would really love some feedback on my question mentioned about about healthy eating suggestions to reach my goal weight. I am a nutrition nut and know a lot, but it’s always nice to hear some new things I may not know. I really enjoy and respect everything you all post in your blogs.

What are your healthy Staples/rules to live a healthy, full, happy life?


2 responses to “I’m Back and Almost Finished

  1. what a fun weekend!

  2. homegirlcaneat

    That pasta looks SERIOUSLY good! I totally agree about gym classes.. I would not even workout nearly as hard as I do without an instructor and all the energy floating around!

    And please do hook it up with the iced coffee recipe! 🙂

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