Time to get down to Business (and some cinco de drinko)

Hello!!!!! I am finally finished with all of my studies and finals!!! It’s odd though because the end of this year is much different than all previous years. You know that fun, warm, summer feeling you always get where you can barely focus on finals because it’s so nice out and you can’t wait to just get out and enjoy the free days of summer? Well finals krept up on me so quickly I have barely had time to even realize I’m finished.

Here is my summer blog mission statement:

Now that school is not one of my main priorities (I’m only taking 1 summer class) I want to dedicate some major time in really developing this blog. I will be getting my Nikon back when I go home to visit and so I really want to work on my photography skills through taking pictures of food and coooking. I also wanted to really focus my main interests such as health, fitness, and wellbeing into this blog by posting more news and information that I learn in my daily life. Also, I would love to someday be a food critic or work in the food and entertainment industry, so I will be reviewing a lot more restaurants and products. I would love advice of any sort about what you guys would like to see on my blog, but I think through putting more attention into my blogging it will really turn into something good. Thank you for reading and I look forward to where this foodie blog takes me!

Now onto a recap of yesterday and Cinco de Mayo!!

I woke up and had a lovely bowl of oatbran with a new meusli mix sprinkled on top. I was not a fan of it, but I ate it anyway.p5050001I paired my oats with some almond butters and some nice strong black coffee with cinnamon on the side. My father sent this coffee to me and its fabulous!!!!p5050003As you can see he went all out and even customized it!!!!! He purchased the coffee from a local girl back in my hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho!!! It’s called Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee and is the freshest cup of coffee I’ve brewed at home in a long time. I am not a coffee know-it-all, but I know when coffee is good and this def does the trick. When you order your coffee you can completely customize it with your own photos. What a concept, major points for that!

I encourage you all to order some if your in need of a new coffee for the mornings. They freshly roast the beans upon order so you are def going to get the freshest possible beans that are roasted to perfection.

MAIL TIME! this morning I received samples from Zoe’s and I cannot wait to try out all her granolas and energy bars!p5050004I plan to write a review about them in the next few days as I try all the goodies out. So keep a look out for that! I’ve seen many bloggers rave about the granola so I am excited to try it along with the bars that look so good. I really am excited to try the peanut butter flavor!!!!1


margarita ville: 2oz patron, splash of grand marnier, juice of whole lime, and a splash of 7up

margarita ville: 2oz patron, splash of grand marnier, juice of whole lime, and a splash of 7up

taco making jo!

taco making jo!

we made chicken tacos with peppers and onions along with all the fix-ins: cheese, jalapenos, tapatillo, hot sauce, black beans, and chunky guac.p5050008HAPPY CINCO DE DRINKO! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT FIESTA!


2 responses to “Time to get down to Business (and some cinco de drinko)

  1. homegirlcaneat

    The cinco de drinko looks like a mexi success! And I love the sexy coffee beans!

  2. yay for celebrating cinco de mayo!! that marg looks delish!!

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