First Day n’ Night Home

My Dad and I have made two awesome dinners since I’ve been home!!! My Mom is recuperating from her surgery so I’ve been cooking her up some soup and simple foods. She is doing well, but it is going to take time for her to heal. So for now I am nurse Coco while I’m home.

Last night we finally got home from our long drive after picking my Mom up from the hospital. We made a nice easy meal of seared salmon with a baked potato and sauteed spinach. Simple and Delish!P5140042I topped my potato with some red pepper flakes (gotta love the spice!) and cottage cheese. After dinner I watched the 2 hour Grey’s Anatomy Finale. What the F*** am I supposed to do until the next season!!!!! I have to know what happens!!!!!! I feel so aweful for Karev, but her (I forget her name :/) will live and they will be together. Unless she runs off with George in Never Never Land.

This Morning:

I bought some ingredients at the grocery store to make my morning bowl of oat bran and was soooo excited to eat it this morning before I went to pilates. Well, I think my microwave here is supercharged because I put the oat bran in the micro for 1:30 and it basically roasted. I topped it will all my fix-ins and it was absolutely gross. I was starving and had to get to the gym so I downed it anways. Not planning on doing that again for the goodness of mah boday and taste buds!

Looks good, but BLAH

Looks good, but BLAH

I FOUND A JAR OF JUSTINS!!! WHO KNOW! I thought they only made packets

I FOUND A JAR OF JUSTINS!!! WHO KNOW! I thought they only made packets

I don’t have any pics of lunch or my snacks because I had to take my Mom back to the hospital. She was short of breath so we took all precautions to make sure nothing was wrong. Dinner tonight was awesome!!!!!!!

Dinner = Steak, roasted cauliflower, asparagus, and corn on the cobb with chimichuri sauce!

I had a nice Gin, 7up, and fresh grapefruit cocktail while dinner was being prepared.

BIG NEWS!!!!! I FINALLY GOT MY NIKON BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PICTURES ON MY BLOG ARE GOING TO BE 10X BETTER NOW! Oh man you don’t even understand how happy and excited I am about this. I thought I lost it and it was gone forever! Check out the pic quality…CSC_0003DSC_0009DSC_0014I haven’t found the rest of the cords and plugs for my Nikon so I am trying to conserve my battery. I took some pics of dinner being prepared, but I forgot the take a pic of the final product (bad blogger).

Shallots for cauliflower

Shallots for cauliflower


filet mignon with black sea salt

filet mignon with black sea salt

Tonight I am just relaxing, probably going to have a fudgcicle and watch Diners Drive-Ins and Dives hahahah. Love that show!!!!

Evening Question: Whats your fav show on Food Network??


One response to “First Day n’ Night Home

  1. homegirlcaneat

    I AM STILL in shock over Grey’s. I am completely depressed for Karev!!!! He’s soooooooo cute and Izzie and him were perfect together!

    YEEAAAHH for getting your cam back! I am in need of some artsy shots pronto!

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