MAJOR RECAP! It’s gon’be good!

Well I have finally made it home to the lovely Sun Valley, Idaho for a nice 2 week vacation before I start summer classes back in Boston. I plan on blogging about all my lovely eats and action here in the valley, but firstly I think it is high time I recap my last day in Boston, my little trip to SF, and my first night at home sweet home. There has been some major traveling going on the past few days so it’s going to be so nice to just kick back, visit with hometown friends, and relaxxxxxxx!!!

Last Day in Boston Recap: Joey, Greg, and I spent the day in Harvard Square enjoying the lovely weather. I am just going to post the pictures because this recap would go on forever if I didn’t.

Crema Cafe LunchP5080006


Bevies at The Red Door (I think that’s the name :/)P5080007P5080009P5080010

Dinner at The Otherside CafeP5080013P5080014P5080015P5080016

4AM Oatmeal Pancakes! (The Best Homemade)

P5090019P5090018P5090021P5090022The best homemade in the World pancakes were topped with Oikos Vanilla Greek yogurt and Blueberries. First time trying the vanilla greek yogurt and it was perfectly flavored and not too sweet. A great addition to the pancake. I ate the rest out of the carton and it was soo yummy just on it’s own. Usually I have to add stuff to my plain greek yogurt. Good Job Stonyfield Farm! Your Greek Yogurts are my FAV!!!!


I had the best time in San Fran with my closest of friends, Bridget!!! We took the train in from Davis and enjoyed a lovely lunch in this little alley way right off of Union Square. It was perfect and fueled us for our shopping spree!P5120027P5120029P5120030P5120031P5120032P5120033

WTF: rat on cat on dog

WTF: rat on cat on dog

I had the best weekend in Cali. There was a little drinking, meeting new people, and having good laughs with Bridget. It was an all around good time.

Sacramento Airport

Triple Americano with Milk and Suggah

Triple Americano with Milk and Suggah

yogurt mess I packed to munch on

yogurt mess I packed to munch on

Now I’m Home!!!!! Woooooot!

Plan on seeing a lot of good homemade cooking thanks to my Papi. It’s going to be a relaxing time, I can’t wait.

I will post my mornings eats later tonight after dinner….FYI: my first bowl of oatbran here was absolutely terrible. I think our microwave it turbo charged. It fried my oat bran, but I was too lazy to make another batch. More about that later.


2 responses to “MAJOR RECAP! It’s gon’be good!

  1. Oooo Crema Cafe and The Otherside Cafe are two Boston restaurants on the top of my list to try!

  2. homegirlcaneat

    Boston! AHHHHH my favorite city other than SF! I’m glad you had such a fun time!! That lunch from the little alley looks insanely good. ahahahahaha and I love how you saw the rat on cat on dog! My friend from Ireland was here and took literally 20 pictures of it to show his friends at home!

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