Successful Breakie, New Eco-Book, & Baking!

This mornings oat bran attempt was 20x better than yesterday’s, and actually could have been one of the best bowls I’ve made! I found a couple new products while in Boise and I was sooooo siked to try them in my morning bowl of oat bran goodness. The products? –> PB2 AND CHIA SEEDS!

My Dad woke up an hour before me and made a nice big bowl of stovetop Irish oats. I really wanted my oat bran, so I mixed about 1/4 cup irish oats with my oat bran. Stir ins were protein powder, cinnamon, sea salt, CHIA SEEDS, and stevia. Toppings included PB2 (In love with this stuff! I have the chocolate flavor too), 1 huge strawberry, blubes, more cinn, an a couple puffins.DSC_0002


love these bowls. we have a whole collection. my parents have such good taste.

love these bowls. we have a whole collection. my parents have such good taste.

DSC_0005These 2 new purchases are amazing!!!!!!! I am absolutely in love with PB2. It doesn’t taste exactly like legit peanut butter, but it’s close enough and makes me feel better about scooping loads of it on my oats, since it’s 85% less fat! I completely recommend it if you haven’t tried it!

The Chia seeds are an awesome addition to my oats. Question to frequent CHIA SEED eaters… How long do you have to let them sit before they expand? They stay pretty seedy when I add them. I really wanna try Chia pudding…recommendations?

BIG NEWS!!!!!!


It is a great book with tons of tips to improve your inner wellness and beauty, as well as makeup tips using all natural eco-friendly makeup. It is a new release by Lina Hanson, an amazing make-up artist to celebrities. I met her through a good friend of mine, Gen Cortese, and we both star in the book!!! Please check it out, you all will love it!!!

I’m the teen look for the book. It was a great experience working with Lina. She is amazing and very talented. The book is in Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.comDSC_0014



Super-Charge Me Cookies

Thanks to Dreena at Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan

I’ve seen these all over the blog world for a while and I have my own version of health cookies, located in my recipe collection, but I was soo curious to try these. These cookies are awesome! So easy to make and soooo delish. We’ve already eaten half the batch and I made them this afternoon. They are perfect little morsels of goodness. I am going to crumble one in my yogurt as a dessert. YUMO. My vacay home is a major good eatin vacay.DSC_0015




9 responses to “Successful Breakie, New Eco-Book, & Baking!

  1. unknowntheartist

    Could you use this PB2 stuff as a flavour base for a cupcake frosting or filling? I have never seen this product or any similar to it anywhere, ever. Sounds interesting…

    • I believe you could. I mix it into my yogurt in the morning and it gives it a lovely peanut butter flavor. It dissolves perfectly so I think it will def work in batters, smoothies, and frostings!! Give it a try.

  2. You’re so gorgeous! I love your cute blonde locks…..that’s so cool that you are in the book!!

    And those oats look extremely delish, and in such a beautifullll bowl! Your parents do have good taste. 🙂 Have a good day girl!

  3. I need to find me some of that PB2. I’ve been reading about it on everyone’s blogs. I’m going to have to scrounge around Vancouver to find it one day. I love you blog – first time here! – now you’re on my blog roll. I’m looking forward to reading your posts =)

  4. So cool – you look amazing in the book!

    I loooove those cookies 🙂

  5. homegirlcaneat

    GIRL that is soo cool you are in that book! Your skin is amazing! Jealllllin!

    Aren’t those superachargemecookies boss?? I loved them! So ridiculously healthy too which made them even betta.

    I need some PB2.

    And try the Sabra hummus with pinenuts! It’s my FAV! The roasted garlic was kinda too intense but this one is perfection

  6. Hi Coco,
    I love your site. Beautiful photos. you should be an inspiration to women everywhere to eat healthier.
    You asked about how long it takes for chia seed to soften. It will reach it’s peak of softness at about 20 minutes. There will always be that tiny, crunchy bit in the center that’s a little larger than a strawberry seed.
    May I plug my site? Chia seed isn’t available in stores everywhere yet. Even if it is available, all chia seed is not the same. Is all coffee the same? or tea? Cheela Brand is pure, premium chia grown to exacting specifications and tested for purity and safety. We offer 1 lb, 2 lb and 5 lb. quantities and even our package is eco-friendly, if not eco-beautiful. contains a great deal of info on the product and it’s use. We could always use more readers and contributors. Not to mention customers.

  7. beautiful picture – that is super exciting 🙂

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