Sunday Brunch & More Baking

Yesterday we had a lovely Sunday Brunch! Burnsie came over and we painted our nails, cooked, drank (I drank kombucha), laughed, sun tanned, and did everything your supposed to do on lazy sundays. We had originally planned going to a lake and cooking brunch in our new airstream, which is sooooo sick, but we decided to have it on the deck since my Mom is still recovering from surgery.

Brunch Menu: Spinach and prociutto frittatal, toast, and sliced tomatoes.

The recipe was from Real Simple, and it can be found here



Sunday Brunch is the way to go. It’s the best everrrrrrr. Eggs are def my favorite food, I could eat them morning, noon, and night. However, ever since I started blogging nut butters have def become a fav!


DSC_0005This lovely beverage was a cranberry kombucha. These drinks are awesome, but a bit expensive. Have you ever drinken one on an empty stomach? Kinda makes you a wee bit tipsy feeling.DSC_0006Burnsie was the nail painter master!!!!!! Check dem glasses out. Hahah my Mom’s face is redic as well.

The rest of the day was loungy and wonderful. I’ve been doing a lot of that since I’ve been home. Later on my Dad took me for a motorcycle ride up north and we almost ran out of gas, but just barely made it to the gas station. We celebrated with a nice cold beer and a few potato chips before heading back.

Before the ride I snacked on the ultimate snack. Prob one of my favs. Fuji with Earth Balance Almond Butter.DSC_0017

When we finally made it back home it was homemade SUSHI TIME! I am the biggest sushi fan. Dinner was semi sushi, but close enough with the chopstick action, wasabi, and little soy sauce dishes.DSC_0019Quickly seared ahi tuna with avocado slices (MUFAS) and cucumber salad

I baked again!!!! Veggie Girls unbelievable Chocolate-Almond-Fig Blondies. I found the recipe in the delectable E-Cookbook Jenna put together a little while ago.DSC_0018

So last night ended up being sunday funday, so of course the munchies ensued and I prob ate about 4 of these bad boys. Damn hahaha. Sooooooo good though!!!!


One response to “Sunday Brunch & More Baking

  1. Ha, what an adorably HILARIOUS picture……their facial expressions are classic.

    And those almond-fig blondies sound sooo good, I really should try and bake them myself!

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