Tai Chi? hmmmm

So this morning, feeling groggy as ever, I decided to try out Tai Chi at my gym. I had no idea what to expect and it was not quite the workout I was looking for to sweat the toxins out of my system. It was good to see what it was all about though. This afternoon I’m planning on ZUMBAing it up!!!!! Get my booty shakin with some good music. Hellz yes that’s my kinda workout!

MONDAY eats so far:

Damn I love how Mondays in the summer are just like every other day, instead of moan-days during school.

EGG wrap with cottage cheese=breakieDSC_0021when I got back from Tai Chi i whipped out our panini maker and made a bomb sando.

tomato, turkey, mozzarella, dijon, and basil on EzekielDSC_0022

Headed to Zumba in a bit to get my booty in gear. Then I’ll prob come back have a snack then head to Angels & Demons. Can’t wait!!!!

See you after the movie, hope it’s good!

Day n’ Nite


4 responses to “Tai Chi? hmmmm

  1. That sammie looks so good, oh my! I want to take a zumba class one day but I don’t know where they are offered in my town.

  2. Just found your blog! I’ve been dying to try Zumba at my gym… I’ve heard it’s really fun!

  3. homegirlcaneat


  4. Cute blog! I’ll have to add it to my reader! 🙂

    And as for your question . . . I visited Sandpoint and Couer D’Alene. Sandpoint is a BIG favourite of mine!!!! Super chill and just a lovely place to spend an afternoon!

    I’ll have to make it further south in Idaho some time. I live in the British Columbia Rockies so really it’s not that far away.

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