Tuesday Recap and WED Rawness

So yesterday I got busy running around town, doing errands, and taking my mom to see Angels & Demons. I took some pictures of my nice steamy breakfast and my lunch, but was out of the house for the remainder of the day so I wasn’t able to take pictas of dinnah!

BREAKFASTDSC_0001Standard bowl of delectable oatbran with PB2, bloobs, and a few crannies.DSC_0002I forgot!!!! This oat bran bowl was not standard!!!!! I ran out of jay robbs glorious vanilla protein powder so I tried this new Hammer brand. It was blah….I only had the chai flavor, so I gave it a try. It was alright, but didn’t really taste like anything in my oats. Jay Robb is by far the best in my book!!!

After breakfast I went to this terribly hard workout class that my Godmother dragged me to. She said it was Body Pump, but I think she just said that so I would go (I’m a Body Pump fan!). Well the class was super repetitive with tons of reps using free weights. It was an awesome workout, but completely unexpected! I don’t know the name of the class, but I’ll find out for you guys.

When I got home I was starved from all the sweating.

LUNCH: turkey, pepperjack cheese quesadilla and a side of microed eggwhite. PROTEIN PACKEDDSC_0003

After lunch I was out the door for the rest of the day and ended up staying the night at my friend Katie’s house. So I don’t have pics of dinner, but I went and had a huge taco salad at this mexican restaurant with my Dad.


This morning I woke up and had another microed eggwhite and some cottage cheese with cereal and almond butter ( the only thing I could scrounged up at Katie’s house). No pics sorry :/


There is this new restaurant called Glow here in Sun Valley so I am going to go check it out right now. I will be sure to take pictures. Happy Raw Day!!!!

A lot of you go Raw on Wed. right? Or is it just one raw meal?

See you after dinner!!!!!!


One response to “Tuesday Recap and WED Rawness

  1. Glad the strength class was unexpectedly tough but fun!

    Your breakfasts’ always look soooo pretty, especially in those bowls!

    And your quesadilla looks amazing, i’m obsessed with hot sauce.

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