Pamper & Body Pump Thursday

So yesterday I said I was going to blog about this new raw food restaurant I tried out for lunch…well my camera died without me knowing and I wasn’t able to take any pictures. It was tasty…I just got avocado toast with EVOO and cracked pepper. It was on sprouted grain bread which was really dense and yummy. The only thing for me about raw food meals is that I never seem to be satisfied after eating them. 2 hours after eating there I was starving with an audible growling stomach. It’s good every once in a while, but I honestly love my meat.

This morning I woke up and had an awesome bowl of oat bran with my Jay Robb’s protein powder. The oat bran exploded in the microwave so I lost a bit of it

BreakfastDSC_0008Oat bran, cinnamon, vanilla PP, PB2, crushed almonds, PB puffins, bloobs. Half grapefruit.

After this super filling breakie I went to Body Pump and deffff pumped my muscles. I was super shaky till lunch. I love that feeling though!

To refuel my muscles I drank one of these. This was a first timer and it was tasty, but I’ve had tastier. Do you guys supplement with protein drinks after a good workout?


Baking of the Day

DSC_0001This bread from IKEA is sooooo fricken good. It’s dense, grainy, seedy, and awesome. It’s super easy to make to: hot water in carton, shake, pour into pan, bake, viola!

DSC_0002I was supposed to let it rise for 45 min…and I thought I did, but it really didn’t do much.

DSC_0006I also baked another batch of the OUTRAGEOUS Super Charge-Me Cookies. So fricken good I can’t keep them in the house.



DSC_00141 egg, 3 eggwhites, on top of 1/2 cup cottage cheese with flaxseed. Also a nice slice of the IKEA bread I baked. Soooo tasty, but I think I’m on a protein binge today.


Stellar Stunnah Shades (Smith)

Smith makes by far the best shades in the world. Smith headquarters are here in my hometown of Sun Valley.



Health News:

Powerful Fitness Foods
These 5 foods complete any diet

Blame it on boredom, PMS, or chronic stress, we don’t always make the healthiest food choices. Even when you have the best diet intentions, chocolate has a way of beckoning from the kitchen cabinets or at the checkout counter.

That’s why you need an ultimate foods list you can stick to year-round. Stock your kitchen with these fat-burning superfoods and you’ll never end up noshing on unhealthy snacks again.

1. Avocado: These green health bombs can lower your cholesterol.

2. Milk: Fire up weight loss (and muscle repair) with low-fat dairy products, like cottage cheese, yogurt—even tasty chocolate milk. Aim for some white with every breakfast.

3. Hummus: If made with olive oil, another powerfood, this treat can contain oleic acid, which cripples the gene responsible for 20 to 30 percent of breast cancers.

4. Whole-grains: Bagels, bread, cereal, anything. Complex carbs are filled with fiber, which digests slowly and keep your energy up.

5. Chicken breast strips: So versatile—and a necessary source of protein so you can build lean muscle.


3 responses to “Pamper & Body Pump Thursday

  1. homegirlcaneat

    That bread stuff looks amazzzooor! I love dense thick bread like that!

    I feel ya on the vegan eats.. veggie protein just doesn’t fill me up compared to meat protein!

    Have a good Friday my darling!

  2. I never knew Ikea had bread. They’ve got everything there! The super charge me cookies and egg & cottage cheese mixture look so gooood! Special K is really good they have million different mixes. The one I’ve been eating is S.K. satisfaction and it’s pretty good for eating by hand or a topping on yogurt!

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