Yay Friday!! Last Day Home

It’s a beautiful Friday morning here in Sun Valley. It’s my last day home before I head back to Boston tomorrow. I start summer classes next Wed. I am only taking 1 class on Mon. and Wed. so I think I am going to take cooking classes at the Boston School for Adult Education and maybe some Web site classes so I can learn how to make my blog super cool. I am not very good at the whole internet Web site tools and codes.

Last night we had a nice little dinner party with a couple of my close friends and some of my parents friends. My Dad made his famous Spicy Chicken Pasta!!! It was unbelievably good. I didn’t take any photos because I was too involved with my guests and having way too much fun. It was a fabulous night though. I will post the recipe to my Dad’s pasta soon because it is so good you can’t stop eating it. Every person who has tried it fell in love.


DSC_00011 egg + 3eggwhites over easy on top of cottage cheese and flaxseed

DSC_0002juicy yummy grapefruit. I don’t put anything ontop of my grapefruits because the fresh taste is sweet enough.

I was thinking of going to pilates this morning, but I’m sore from Body Pump yesterday and I really wasn’t feeling a slow mat class. Tomorrow I’ll go to Body Pump again, but for today it’s a personal relaxation day.

I shall see you all at lunch time. I am going to watch Everyday Italian (my fav!)

What’s your fav Food Network Show?

Tonight I am taking Joey’s Mom to an amazing restaurant here that uses all locally grown ingredients. Its out of this world good, especially their carrot cake!!!!!!



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