Quick Dinners = Perfection

Quick fix meals are so perfect during the week when you just don’t want to put forth all the effort into an extravagant meal. It’s the end of the day, you’ve been busy with work, school, running around, and you just want some good tastin fooooood in your belly! There are sooo many quick fix meals and I really need to broaden my recipe collection and ideas for creating healthy mid-week meals. My go-to is rosemary chicken with any sides that don’t take too long to prepare and cook. I need to find more ideas for the main part of the meal (something other than chicken). So basically I need to stop being quite so lazy because there are endless choices of delish alternatives….

What are your staples for mid-week quick fix meals?

Before I get to dinner, my mid-afternoon snack was a lovely, flavorful fuji apple with 1 TBS of Maranatha’s Raw Chunky Almond Butter. I was so happy to find this in the store today, b/c I am a crunchy butter girl and I have been wanting the raw stuff, but I have only found creamy, until now!DSC_0002


DSC_0003Rosemary Chicken, Caprese Salad, and Grilled corn with Poblano Pepper Butter (courtesy of Whole Foods Chefs)

DSC_0005Add around 2x more caprese

Joey has never tasted Super Charge-Me Cookies so while he was in classes today I whipped up a batch, but I forgot to buy coconut so theres none in this batch…hopefully their still just as good.


I’m off to do some reading and catch up on other blogs (my fav thing to do).

Tomorrow I start my summer class so I have to make sure I get up, pack my lunch, and get there a bit earlier to buy some supplies. I love that my class doesn’t start till 1 so I have the morning to myself so I can get other things out of the way.

Do you like busy mornings where you have to go-go-go, or do you prefer to slowly ease into your days?

I think for me I love my mornings slow so I can really get things done that I need to, but busy mornings are good on occasion.

Have a lovely evening Bloggers!


4 responses to “Quick Dinners = Perfection

  1. That dinner looks amazing, especially the salad!

    Personally I prefer a slow morning, with enough time to enjoy my morning coffee.

  2. I am all about slow mornings, I hate rushing around!

    what class are you taking?

    And grilled corn…it screams summer 🙂

  3. yay super charge me cookies! i’m staring at the batch i made right now. they’re calling me…

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