Personal Day filled with Excersize and Cookin

Goood morning. It’s another not-so-pretty day here in Boston, but it is not going to damper my plans for the day. I don’t have a lot planned, but I am going to excersize in about 15 min. My gym is just a block away and I really need to move my legs so I’m planning on doing the elliptical for about 1/2 hour before CLUB STRENGTH. My instructor is hilarious! He loves to yell, crack, jokes, and kick your battootie!

Pre-workout Fuel

DSC_0003Standard with PB2, flax, and bloobs, and pumpkin seeds. Not feeling adventurous, but I may include a special something in my afternoon yogurt mess.

DSC_0005Today I went for some spicy Mexican coffee. I added a dash of cayenne and cinnamon to my coffee along with some milk and MOLASSES. I really recommend you try it. It’s bizarre, but good.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Come home and eat lunch after club strength
  • walk to Whole Foods to get SECRET BLOGGER GOODIES
  • head over to CVS for some necessities
  • maybe bake
  • cook jojo some food
  • chill out

Major personal day and I can’t wait….hope it’s as fun as I’m thinking.

How do you spend your personal days?


4 responses to “Personal Day filled with Excersize and Cookin

  1. Sounds like a super fun and relaxing day! Enjoy!

  2. homegirlcaneat

    I always love your beats! I have as an eclectic of a taste in music as you! Country..rap… anythang!

  3. your coffee sounds crazy! i bet it tastes good tho! i like using my weekends to get stuff done one day and do nothing the next. lazing around usually wins out tho 🙂

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