Pazzo Dinner Recap & Warm Saturday

Yesterday evening Joey and I went out to a fabulous Italian dinner at the new Pazzo Restaurant on Newbury St. It was just warm enough for us to eat outside so we def took advantage of that. Before heading to dinner we had a couple summer gin cocktails to kick off the night.

Pre-dinner Summer Cocktail

gin, lime juice, 7-up, splash of fresh grapefruit juice

gin, lime juice, 7-up, splash of fresh grapefruit juice

Dinner Outside

To start we had some delish crusty bread dipped in white bean puree


Before our main course we split the margarita pizza with their homemade mozzarella…forgot to take pic.

I ordered the Pesto Grilled salmon on a bed of arugula, cannelini beans, feta, and radishes

P5290003This was very flavorful and the perfect portion size.

Joey ordered the wild boar bolognese. He really enjoyed this manly dish.

pardon the half eaten pictures

pardon the half eaten pictures

After dinner we met up with Joey’s long time friend Luke Daly and headed back to my house to see if we could hear Dave Matthew’s band from my roof deck. No luck :(. So we decided to head over to Daisy Buchanan’s on Newbury for a couple bevvies.

We ended up having a great time and meeting some new people. Town was hopping by 11:30 since the concert got out. Around 12:30 Joey and I called it a night and headed home to an ice cream bar!!! I still haven’t purchased my ice cream cones, but tomorrow I will most def do that!!!!!


Joey and I somehow managed to get our groggy hungover bodies out of bed and head to Club Strength this morning at 9:30AM. I am soooo happy I went, it really helped sweat out some of the toxins haha.

Before heading out I had this simple, but delish breakie.



1 egg + eggwhites wrapped in a WW tortilla

1 egg + eggwhites wrapped in a WW tortilla

I felt soooo much better after I worked out. The wonders of endorphins!!!!

Joey and I made a quick stop at TJ’s to get some buttermilk and oats so we can make overnight oatmeal pancake mix for Sunday Morning breakfast.

On the walk home I had a pure protein shake — vanilla flavor.


turkey, avocado, laughing cow, tomato, dijon, and arugula on Ezekial

turkey, avocado, laughing cow, tomato, dijon, and arugula on Ezekial

How tasty and satisfying homemade sandwiches can be.

Don’t you agree?

What’s your favorite sandwich combo to make at home?

Aggravation of the day (try not to have many of these): The post office supposedly closes at noon on Saturdays and I had no idea about this. I tried to send off my SECRET BLOGGIE PACKAGE today, but oops I was 45 min. late. I guess I’ll have to send it off first this Monday morning. Grrrrrr….

Saturday Agenda:

  • Relax, read, have a snack (fuji + Almond butter)
  • Maybe nap
  • Dinner at La Verdad!!!!!!!
  • Stanley Cup Game 1!!!!!

I hope you are all having a summery Saturday! See you after din din…and maybe some froyo.


7 responses to “Pazzo Dinner Recap & Warm Saturday

  1. homegirlcaneat

    DMB is life! I’m sorry you couldn’t hear his beautiful voice!

    Homemade sandwiches are da bomb and so satisfying on a warm day!

  2. Radiohead? One of my fave bands in the world!

  3. ooh that summer cocktail looks fantastic right now!

    thanks for the add! I’m glad you found me too! I will be adding you shortly 🙂

  4. endorphins = LOVE. can’t go a day without them!!! the pesto grilled salmon looks sooooo good!! ahh.. have a fab weekend!

  5. (((that cocktail)))!!!

    (((Boston roofdecks)))

    I was JUST in Boston 3 weeks ago and LOVED it. We did everything!

    Fave at home sam is something I can grill on the stove, like grilled cheese, tomato, and bacon or something naughty and delish like that.

  6. The bread and white bean puree looks sooo amazing! Sweating out the toxins its only way not to feel complete blah after a night of drinking. The sammie looks heavenly!

  7. The Novice Berker

    Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂 Boar bolognese sounds like something I would totally want to try, and I LOVE Karma Police and Radiohead!!! Thom Yorke doesn’t know it yet, but we’ll be married one day so he can serenade me in his droopy-eyed way for the rest of my days. 😉

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