Special Sunday Breakie!

Good Sunday everyone!!!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty low key, but there were some spurts of fun activities. Today is going to stay pretty mellow, but in 45 min I’m headed to Total Body Conditioning at BSC Newbury. It will feel good to get some endorphins pumpin before my leisurely day of doing nothing. I have nothing planned today, except make dinner, do some house cleaning, and watch the MTV movie awards woop woop!!!! I hope their good!!!!

Sunday Breakie

Last night Joey and I whipped up the oatmeal buttermilk pancake batter and let it sit in the fridge overnight to marinate. The recipe I used is this one. I subbed in WW flour.

I woke up super early this morning very very hungry. I made myself a pot of coffee and had this juicy grapefruit while I waited for Joey to wake up.


When Joey woke up around 8AM we made pancakes. I chopped up some strawberries and mixed some yogurt with cinnamon and truvia to top my pancakes with.



Three pancakes topped with yogurt mix, bloobs, and sliced strawberries.

Three pancakes topped with yogurt mix, bloobs, and sliced strawberries.

I never eat pancakes so these were a perfect way to start my Sunday.

Joey is headed to a Phish concert tonight so I have the day to myself. Not sure what I am going to do since I got my Advertising homework out of the way.

Possible Agenda:

  • Total Body Conditioning – def doing this!
  • clean house
  • read
  • blog
  • make a Whole Foods run for din din
  • watch MTV movie awards
  • Watch a movie on demand

Pretty low key day as you can tell.

What is your favorite way to spend Sundays???


2 responses to “Special Sunday Breakie!

  1. homegirlcaneat

    I love your breakfast! Sundays are so lazy and relaxing and fun. I totally forgot about the MTV movie awards!!! I am so gonna go to mtv.com after I leave this comment and check out whos up for what! I have a feeling Edward Cullen is gonna be going home with a bitchload of golden popcorn!

  2. Ha i’m definitely watching the mtv movie awards tonight! I wonder what major stunts they’re going to pull this year!

    Your breakfast looks amazing….I’m loving strawberries right now so, so much!!

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