Very Relaxing, Delish Sunday

This afternoon has been super relaxing. My friend Sydney came over and we relaxed on my rooftop deck for a bit. I could hear Phish warm up for their concert in Fenway tonight. The weather today has been crazy..super hot and sunny, then all of a sudden thunder and I just saw some lightning. I love this kind of weather on Sunday nights when all I’m doing is watching the MTV MOVIE AWARDS!!!

Actually right now I am about to watch The Hills finale and then after the awards start. Good line up of TV watching this evening. Should keep me preoccupied while Joey enjoys the concert over at Fenway. I wish I could have gone, but there wasn’t another ticket.

Today after Total Body Conditioning I had a pure protein shake, took a shower, wrote some emails, then made lunch with Joey. I didn’t take pictures, but I had some cottage cheese with flaxseed and 1 egg + eggwhites wrapped in a WW tortilla. Joey made a turkey and avocado sammie with some really yummy flaxseed tortilla chips on the side.

Afternoon Snack

Fuji with tsp of Naturally More and tsp of raw chunky AB

Fuji with tsp of Naturally More and tsp of raw chunky AB

more relaxation…..


shmorgasboard of veggies with grilled chicken, pesto, and cottage cheese

shmorgasboard of veggies with grilled chicken, pesto, and cottage cheese

This dinner was super satisfying! I got some major veggies in since I’ve been lacking in that department. It was a big salad, almost too big, but I always finish my din dins.

I am going to watch the Hills finale….well I am right now…but later I will be relaxing more more more while watching the MTV movie awards. You all should watch!!!! I haven’t seen it in a couple years so should be good!

May have some dessert later….which will prob happen, along with some tea!



4 responses to “Very Relaxing, Delish Sunday

  1. homegirlcaneat

    Yo smorgasboard salad is beautifuL! ALMOST as beautiful as KINGS OF LEON TONIGHT!!!

    • Ohhhh myyyy goossshhh. you don’t understand the amount of love I have for those boys. I saw them in the fall and ooofta! I didn’t know I could love a group of guys so much. I breath them hahaha. Its gonn be good!

  2. Thanks for reminding me about the movie awards! Turning it on RIGHT NOW!

  3. your dinner salad looks amazing!! that chicken looks so perfectly cooked. i am always chicken-challenged myself. i tried to make some this weekend and it was like a rubber hockey puck. MMM.

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