Simple Mexican Dinner

I am so happy I enjoyed my Green Monster this morning!!!!! It was so delish and I will def add it to my breakfast list. I don’t think it would fuel me through Club Strength, so I will stick with oatmeal on those days, and Green Monsters on other days. Today my smoothie lasted me about 3 hours before I felt hunger knocking.

Before dinner I snacked on my fuji and AB that I didn’t eat during class.

Dinner tonight was simple and quick…Joey and I both weren’t really in the mood to whip up some extravagant meal.

Mexican Dinner

Joey's Guacamole

Joey's Guacamole

DSC_0007My Plate: Quesadilla made with 1 WW tortilla, Shredded Mozzarella, chicken, and black beans. Corn Pico de Gallo and Guac to dip!!!! Yumo!!!

Joey and I both shared a side salad of tomatoes, spinach, and parmesan.

Joey’s plate

DSC_0009This evening I am going to work on some Advertising homework and then watch a movie. My main project for my ad class is to create a campaign for the new Welch’s Island Flavor Fruit Snacks. Sounds yummyyyyyy….

Off to pick a movie.


If any of you have not tried a Green Monster it’s about time you hop on the band wagon! Your missin out!!!

Other News: Friday I get to interview one of the editors at Also, look for my breakfast post on On A Lobster Placemat!!!

Have a lovely evening!!!!


8 responses to “Simple Mexican Dinner

  1. mmm…quesadillas. my favorite!

    i need to get a hold of a blender so i can have a green monster :-/

  2. The dinner looks super good. I’ve yet to try a green monster! I want to but my blender is broken so that is kinda big issue haha.

  3. homegirlcaneat

    I love this mini mexicano fiesta! I forget how much I adore burritos and tacos and cheese and tortillas! Sh!!!!!t maaaaayne!! And I can’t wait for this interview! AND I think I will go fbook creep on your pictures because I want to see your boytoy 😉

  4. The Novice Berker

    I think I might need to hop on the Green Monster train just because I’m not getting enough green veggies lately. Glad you’re so enthusiastic about them; more reason for me to try! The quesadillas look damn good too. Yummm!

  5. The mexican dinner looks de-lish my dear!

    It sounds like I will have to jump on the green monster bandwagon! They are everywhere lately. I can’t be left in the dust of the blog world! haha

  6. nice dinner! Glad you liked the green monster 🙂

  7. mexican food is my fave. that guac is tantalizing. have fun with the interview!

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