Walked my Sox Off Today

HOLY MOLY!!!! I have walked so much today that at one point my legs switched to autopilot and I forgot I was even walking. I was so numb and now I am exhausted. It all started after my workout and right after lunch, Caroline and I decided we needed to spend some money so we walked our SOX (since we’re in Boston) OFF, literally.

We walked all the way down Newbury and after picking out a really cute eye shadow in MAC I realized I forgot my wallet at home. UGH! So we had to walk alllll the way back, then to the Prudential Center, then to JCrew to get these really soft boyfriend t-shirts (ON SALE go buy!), then walk all the way to Whole Foods so I could get my grocery shopping fix for the day.

So to sum it up I’ve basically been excersizing non-stop all day. Feel pretty good about lounging now!

Lunch Before the Walking Marathon

Pita smeared with pesto, 1 egg and eggwhites, sprinkle or red cabbage

Pita smeared with pesto, 1 egg and eggwhites, sprinkle or red cabbage

Quick and light, but kept me full until I got home from my walking excursion.

Post-walk Snack

1/2 C greek yogurt, go lean, fiber 1 honey clusters, 3 PB crackpuffins

1/2 C greek yogurt, go lean, fiber 1 honey clusters, 3 PB crackpuffins

Now I am lounging and regaining my strength to cook up a super easy repeat of last night’s Mexican Quesadilla feast. I figured we should use up all the stuff we had leftover last night…trying to make sure I eat everything before they go bad, I hate throwing things away.

Also, Joey and I are finally going to a late showing of Up! I can’t wait to see it and laugh, cry, giggle, and do whatever you do when you watch the magic of Pixar.

See you all after Dinner and a Movie (and ice cream on the walk to the movie).

Happy Dining!

This is what went down in Club Strength today…


6 responses to “Walked my Sox Off Today

  1. ah, I wish I had a JCrew! Sounds like you had a fun day 🙂 enjoy the movie!

  2. I LOVE that Beyonce & JT video, it’s so funny.

    And yay for seeing UP! Let us know what you think and bring tissues. I cried for sure 🙂

  3. The egg pita combo looks so good. Nice idea adding the pesto into the mix to! Enjoy the movie!

  4. i just got back from up! it was sooo cute! that pita looks delish!

  5. The Novice Berker

    Hurray, thanks for the heads up about the JCrew sale! I’m obsessed with their cotton basics. (Or all cotton basics, in general…)

    Have a blast at Up! I hope you love it as much as I did. 🙂

  6. i love taking long walks! they kick your butt but feel so awesome at the same time 🙂 glad u guys had fun at the movies!!! enjoy ur friday!

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