Friday Night=Steakhouse Night

Goodevening lovely bloggers. So I am working on getting my web site up and running, but to be honest I have no idea how to work anything so it’s taking some time. I don’t understand computer lingo so it’s straight up jibberish right now!!!!!!

But on a better note I ate a fabulous filet mignon tonight. So not vegan, veggio, or anything of the sort, but straight up raw. I am a very big meat eater and when the occasion comes around for a fabulous prime cut steak, I am so there!

I will be posting pictures soon, but I just wanted to update you all on the reason for the lack of photos. I will hopefully have it all figured out and working soon. In the meantime I will continue to post my pics on this while I settle into the new Web site.

Must be off, getting called to taking shots and dancing.



One response to “Friday Night=Steakhouse Night

  1. I love getting dressed up too! Thanks for the review on The Hangover- Jeff is dying to see it and I was hoping it would be funny!

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