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Recap-New Site Still Underway

Hello lovely bloggies!!! Sorry for being MIA the past few days. I’ve been working on getting my own hosted site up and running and it’s taking a bit longer than expected. In the meantime I am going to continue to use this one and I hope you all keep reading and follow me to my new site once it’s in working order. It is going to be wonderful and I hope you all like it!!!!!

Here is a bit of a recap of just a few of the things I’ve been snacking on the past couple days. I didn’t take picture of everything, but I have been eating more yogurt again since my stomach hasn’t been acting up. Basically this is a snack recap!


Pre-snack before seeing The Hangover (such a hilarious movie!!)

cottage cheese and flaxseed

cottage cheese and flaxseed


Random, turkey, eggwhite, goat cheese, tomato, pita sandwich

Random, turkey, eggwhite, goat cheese, tomato, pita sandwich

Pre-dinner snack

FAGE with kashi go lean and go lean crunch

FAGE with kashi go lean and go lean crunch

Thats all for Friday, the movie was absolutely fantastic!!! So random and f-ed up!!! I really recommend you go!


We all went paintballing in the morning and had a blast!!!! I don’t have any food photos because I was out in the Jungle flexing my stealth skills and dominating the battleground!


Joey and I were invited to a very special grad party at the Harvard Club for my cousin Lucy. It was so nice to see that part of the family again and for Joey to meet some powerful people. It’s all about networking people!

Before we headed out I had a snack (just incase the food was not to my liking)

cottage cheese with fiber 1 and Go Lean

cottage cheese with fiber 1 and Go Lean

We had to get all spiffed up for the event! I love dressing up!

We had to get all spiffed up for the event! I love dressing up!


This morning I woke up to a comforting bowl of oat bran. Today it was extra creamy and good.

DSC_0006In the Mix: 1/3 C oat bran, cinnamon, PP, bloobs, tsp of Crunch AB, heaping tsp Raw Crunchy AB


Today I am off to go to Total Body Conditioning at the BSC. I don’t really have any other plans besides possibly checking out the Dragon Boat races on the Charles River. I think I am going to plan on doing that, but I have some advertising work to squeeze in somewhere today. Tomorrow, back to the grind of beginning a new week.

I hope you all had a fabulous and enjoyable weekend. From reading all your blogs on Google Reader sounds like there were some fun activities going on…ex: bowling, surfing, marathons, etc.

Please stay posted about my switch over to my new site. I hope you all like it!!!!!!!


Almost the Weekend- Woop Doop!

Good morning lovelies!!!! I feel like today is going to be a good day. I made a kickass bowl of oat bran and some nice strong coffee to fuel me for my Club Strength sesh in a bit. I really don’t get around to doing things until noon on most days, since my group workout don’t start till noon and my one class doesn’t start till 1. It’s nice having leisurely mornings to do as I please, I mean come on it’s summer, what else am I supposed to do!!!???

This morning I am only giving you a glimpse at my lovely protein oat bran, because you will be able to see the full post along with the ingredients and goodness when it is posted on the lovely Rose’s blog (On A Lobter Placemat) while she is a away (I’m one of the guest bloggers, hellz yes!)

Pre-Strength Breakfast

Protein Goodness

Protein Goodness

That’s it, that’s all you get to see…unless you check out Rose’s blog. Shes amazing and is so creative with her oatmeal creations!!!!

I am heading into the gym about an hour before my strength sesh starts so I can get some mileage in on the stationary bike and eliptical. I feel like a slug on my ass lately because I have been sitting around way too much. Gotta stop that and take more walks.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Come home eat some grub – I’ll try and make it look as good as my oats (tryy)
  • Grocery Shop (my fav thing in the world)
  • Maybe do a little shopping with Caroline, my roommate who just got back!!!!
  • Maybe see Up! I’ve been trying to go for the past week now
  • Maybe have some bevvies
  • Cook or go out

There are a lot of maybes today, but it should be a good day.

Cheers it’s almost the weekend!!!!!!!!!

I want to be in Paris….J’aime Paris!

To-Do List Tuesday + Starting Green Monster

Good Morning!!! Today is my personal day since I don’t have class…so to keep myself busy I have planned a major to-do list that I really hope I stick to! After I write this post I plan on starting 2 loads of laundry, then heading to the gym for a quick eliptical sesh, then Club Strength. Here is my to-do list of the day…

To-Do List Tuesday:

  • Eat
  • post breakfast
  • laundry
  • workout
  • lunch + post lunch
  • Whole Foods — finally going to get GREEN MONSTER INGREDIENTS!!
  • Get my nails done
  • Book a massage — very much needed
  • Dinner with Joey
  • Maybe catch Up! since we didn’t last night
  • homework

I really hope I stick to this list and focus my energy on the tasks at hand. I tend to get sidetracked with reading blogs and basically waisting time on nothing hahah.

So I am really excited to finally try a GREEN MONSTER SMOOTHIE. The blogworld is buzzing so much about these drinks and I feel really out of the loop. I already had a huge TBS of almond butter today, so I think I’ll save my smoothie for tomorrow.

How many TBS of nut butters do you allow yourself per day????


1/3 C oatbran, 1C water, cinnamon, pack of jay robb's vanilla PP, flaxseed, bloobs, 1 big TBS raw chunky AB

1/3 C oatbran, 1C water, cinnamon, pack of jay robb's vanilla PP, flaxseed, bloobs, 1 big TBS raw chunky AB

DSC_0003Breakfast in Paris! OH I wish!!!!!!!

Now off to start the next thing on my list….laundry. Ugh I hate having to go all the way down to the basement, paying a shit load for a load of laundry, then waiting around, but hey it’s keepin the girl busy!!!!!!!

What should I cook for dinner tonight? What are you having?

Hope I haven’t already posted this song…

Personal Day filled with Excersize and Cookin

Goood morning. It’s another not-so-pretty day here in Boston, but it is not going to damper my plans for the day. I don’t have a lot planned, but I am going to excersize in about 15 min. My gym is just a block away and I really need to move my legs so I’m planning on doing the elliptical for about 1/2 hour before CLUB STRENGTH. My instructor is hilarious! He loves to yell, crack, jokes, and kick your battootie!

Pre-workout Fuel

DSC_0003Standard with PB2, flax, and bloobs, and pumpkin seeds. Not feeling adventurous, but I may include a special something in my afternoon yogurt mess.

DSC_0005Today I went for some spicy Mexican coffee. I added a dash of cayenne and cinnamon to my coffee along with some milk and MOLASSES. I really recommend you try it. It’s bizarre, but good.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Come home and eat lunch after club strength
  • walk to Whole Foods to get SECRET BLOGGER GOODIES
  • head over to CVS for some necessities
  • maybe bake
  • cook jojo some food
  • chill out

Major personal day and I can’t wait….hope it’s as fun as I’m thinking.

How do you spend your personal days?

A Little Recap and a Nice Summer Start

Hey Hey Bloggers!!! I am back in Boston now about to start my 1 summer class that only meets 2 days a week. I have so much free time so there is going to be a lot of cooking, baking, photography, and posts! My last day in Sun Valley was lovely and relaxing, just what I needed before I headed back to Boston.


DSC_0002a nice lovely last oat bran bowl in my house. Oat bran, protein powder, raspberries, bloobs, puffins, PB2, and one salted almond for a garnish.

DSC_0003It was big yummy and delish. Perfect fuel for a good workout class with Burnsie!

Lunch was spent at Java, my fav hometown coffee shop, with my dear friend Katie. I didn’t take any photos, but I got poached eggs, tomato slices, and cottage cheese. Good post workout protein.

Around 3pm headed to the airport and flew to Bean Town. I packed a sandwich and apple and PB for dinner. It was just satisfying enough to get me through the plane ride.

Do you pack your own food when flying or do you rely on airport food?


We went paintballing Sunday morning and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! I was terrified, but it ended up being really fun. We are def going again and I will dominate!

I don’t have any food pictures from Sunday, but lets just say the night happenings went something like this…DSC_0156


Memorial Day was super lazy and boring. So again, no photos, but I did pick Joey and I up some really good turkey and avocado sandwiches on the best bread around!!!….Izzy’s 7grain Bread.


We finally tried out this Mexican restaurant right across the bridge from my house…La Verdad

P5250002They are super good tacos with a great selection, which includes cow tongue and intestines if you wish to order those. They are prob good, but I went with the chicken tacos with a nice sour orange sauce.P5250005Joey and I split the Mexican Chopped Salad as an appetizer.P5250003pardon the mess…I remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures half way through eating this.

The food here was super good, authentic, and flavorful. I think this Mexican place is going to become a regular for JOJO and I!


Tuesday Breakfast

I woke up around 9:30 and made myself a nice bowl of oat bran to fuel me for my 12pm Club Strength class.

DSC_0204I bought some blackberries at the market yesterday and they looked way better than they tasted, but I ate them anyways.

DSC_0205This oat bran concoction is super protein packed because I add a whole package of Jay Robb’s vanilla protein. It really fuels me through my morning and I usually don’t get hungry for 4 hours after eating this, except when I work out.

Unlike my fridge back in Sun Valley, I have absolutely no food in my apartment. I have a ton of cereals that I am sick of, but need to eat up. I have a bad habit of buying cereal without finished any other of my boxes. So I gotta force myself to stay away from the cereal today at Whole Foods.

Today I am going to Whole Foods to grab lunch and stock up my fridge with goodies and something to cook for dinner tonight. I will post my lunch and fridgerator once it is filled with Whole Foods goodness. It will prob be a bit pricy, but Whole Foods is just too good!!!!!

Happy Tueday back at work and Happy Summer to all!

Pamper & Body Pump Thursday

So yesterday I said I was going to blog about this new raw food restaurant I tried out for lunch…well my camera died without me knowing and I wasn’t able to take any pictures. It was tasty…I just got avocado toast with EVOO and cracked pepper. It was on sprouted grain bread which was really dense and yummy. The only thing for me about raw food meals is that I never seem to be satisfied after eating them. 2 hours after eating there I was starving with an audible growling stomach. It’s good every once in a while, but I honestly love my meat.

This morning I woke up and had an awesome bowl of oat bran with my Jay Robb’s protein powder. The oat bran exploded in the microwave so I lost a bit of it

BreakfastDSC_0008Oat bran, cinnamon, vanilla PP, PB2, crushed almonds, PB puffins, bloobs. Half grapefruit.

After this super filling breakie I went to Body Pump and deffff pumped my muscles. I was super shaky till lunch. I love that feeling though!

To refuel my muscles I drank one of these. This was a first timer and it was tasty, but I’ve had tastier. Do you guys supplement with protein drinks after a good workout?


Baking of the Day

DSC_0001This bread from IKEA is sooooo fricken good. It’s dense, grainy, seedy, and awesome. It’s super easy to make to: hot water in carton, shake, pour into pan, bake, viola!

DSC_0002I was supposed to let it rise for 45 min…and I thought I did, but it really didn’t do much.

DSC_0006I also baked another batch of the OUTRAGEOUS Super Charge-Me Cookies. So fricken good I can’t keep them in the house.



DSC_00141 egg, 3 eggwhites, on top of 1/2 cup cottage cheese with flaxseed. Also a nice slice of the IKEA bread I baked. Soooo tasty, but I think I’m on a protein binge today.


Stellar Stunnah Shades (Smith)

Smith makes by far the best shades in the world. Smith headquarters are here in my hometown of Sun Valley.



Health News:

Powerful Fitness Foods
These 5 foods complete any diet

Blame it on boredom, PMS, or chronic stress, we don’t always make the healthiest food choices. Even when you have the best diet intentions, chocolate has a way of beckoning from the kitchen cabinets or at the checkout counter.

That’s why you need an ultimate foods list you can stick to year-round. Stock your kitchen with these fat-burning superfoods and you’ll never end up noshing on unhealthy snacks again.

1. Avocado: These green health bombs can lower your cholesterol.

2. Milk: Fire up weight loss (and muscle repair) with low-fat dairy products, like cottage cheese, yogurt—even tasty chocolate milk. Aim for some white with every breakfast.

3. Hummus: If made with olive oil, another powerfood, this treat can contain oleic acid, which cripples the gene responsible for 20 to 30 percent of breast cancers.

4. Whole-grains: Bagels, bread, cereal, anything. Complex carbs are filled with fiber, which digests slowly and keep your energy up.

5. Chicken breast strips: So versatile—and a necessary source of protein so you can build lean muscle.

Tuesday Recap and WED Rawness

So yesterday I got busy running around town, doing errands, and taking my mom to see Angels & Demons. I took some pictures of my nice steamy breakfast and my lunch, but was out of the house for the remainder of the day so I wasn’t able to take pictas of dinnah!

BREAKFASTDSC_0001Standard bowl of delectable oatbran with PB2, bloobs, and a few crannies.DSC_0002I forgot!!!! This oat bran bowl was not standard!!!!! I ran out of jay robbs glorious vanilla protein powder so I tried this new Hammer brand. It was blah….I only had the chai flavor, so I gave it a try. It was alright, but didn’t really taste like anything in my oats. Jay Robb is by far the best in my book!!!

After breakfast I went to this terribly hard workout class that my Godmother dragged me to. She said it was Body Pump, but I think she just said that so I would go (I’m a Body Pump fan!). Well the class was super repetitive with tons of reps using free weights. It was an awesome workout, but completely unexpected! I don’t know the name of the class, but I’ll find out for you guys.

When I got home I was starved from all the sweating.

LUNCH: turkey, pepperjack cheese quesadilla and a side of microed eggwhite. PROTEIN PACKEDDSC_0003

After lunch I was out the door for the rest of the day and ended up staying the night at my friend Katie’s house. So I don’t have pics of dinner, but I went and had a huge taco salad at this mexican restaurant with my Dad.


This morning I woke up and had another microed eggwhite and some cottage cheese with cereal and almond butter ( the only thing I could scrounged up at Katie’s house). No pics sorry :/


There is this new restaurant called Glow here in Sun Valley so I am going to go check it out right now. I will be sure to take pictures. Happy Raw Day!!!!

A lot of you go Raw on Wed. right? Or is it just one raw meal?

See you after dinner!!!!!!