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Official Site is Back up and Running!!!

Sorry for the malfunctioning official site. My official site is back up and running, I lost a few posts, but now it’s all back in order and waiting for your wonderful comments!!!!!

Have a great weekend lovelies!!!

Official Site:


Pardon the Temporary Site Malfunction

Hey lovelies. My Official site is temporarily out of order, but should be back up and running by this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience and if you have any comments or would like to contact me in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment on this!!!

Be back, up, and running soon!!!!!


Good morning my lovely bloggers. Today I am offically transfering my blog to the official site of: COCOEATSANDCRITIQUES.ORG

Please update your Google Readers and blogroll so you have my new blog site! Thanks so much for all the support, great comments, and readership!

I look forward to continuing my work in the blogworld and enhancing every aspect of what my blog has to offer!!


Friday Night=Steakhouse Night

Goodevening lovely bloggers. So I am working on getting my web site up and running, but to be honest I have no idea how to work anything so it’s taking some time. I don’t understand computer lingo so it’s straight up jibberish right now!!!!!!

But on a better note I ate a fabulous filet mignon tonight. So not vegan, veggio, or anything of the sort, but straight up raw. I am a very big meat eater and when the occasion comes around for a fabulous prime cut steak, I am so there!

I will be posting pictures soon, but I just wanted to update you all on the reason for the lack of photos. I will hopefully have it all figured out and working soon. In the meantime I will continue to post my pics on this while I settle into the new Web site.

Must be off, getting called to taking shots and dancing.



I am soooo excited about this!!!!! I was recommended to get my own domain and host it! So I have been working on that and should have it up and running by tomorrow!


Can’t wait!

Back in Boston

Ello ello! Back in Boston and trying to get settled back in. Sorry for the lack of posts since Saturday, but tonight I will recap where I left off. Hope you guys are all out enjoying the lovely summer weather!!!!!!!!

Last Dinner Home

Hello lovely blogworld! This evening I had a wonderful dinner at CK’s restaurant south of town with Joey’s Mom, Barb! It was sooooo good. My family is friends with the owner and his daughter so when we got there we told them about my blog, so they are gonna check out my review. Well the food is always good here and it is super fresh since it all comes from local farms throughout the state.


CK’s Restaurant


To start out they brought us their special appetizer, compliments of the chef. Grilled asparagus with morel mushrooms, greens, and some grilled haloumi cheese. It was soooo yummy and all the ingredients meshed perfectly together. To get the best bite you take a bit of each component and mmm mmm good!


As a main course I ordered their special halibut of the evening. It was rubbed with this fabulous herb/pepper mixture and then pan seared on top of a bed of spinach and asparagus with crispy mushrooms. So fresh, summer, and light. The fish was super moist and cooked to perfection.P5220005At this point I was stuffed and tired from the glass of wine…it has also been a tiring day trying to round up all my stuff before leaving tomorrow.

I had some free time and I noticed that everyone is showing off their fridges so I decided to do the same…


DSC_0003A chalk board fridge. How awesome is that!!!!! We always write eachother notes on it as well as to-do lists. It’s super convenient. I am def getting one when I get my own place.

DSC_0004packed with tons of fooooooood!

DSC_0005many condiments, hot sauces, eggs, vitamins, and golden flaxseed (not my fav-i like the darker ones)

DSC_0006grapefruit juice, hansen grapefruit, new age wine, milk, bowl of cherries, silk vanilla creamer

DSC_0007nut butters, jams, cream cheese, more sauces, cottage cheese, yogurts, tons of leftovers from our feasts, apple I sliced and plated with AB left got a call for lunch so didn’t eat it (tomorrow I will)

DSC_0009ice cream, fudgcicles (the best) vodka in a skull! Amy’s frozen pizza, frozen breads, beer glasses

DSC_0010How cool is that? You feel like such a badass drinking it! It’s so good it doesn’t give you a hang over.

DSC_0001 Pretty nails. I love getting good manis that actually stay on!

Today was a good friday….and this is a good song…