Good Eats/Favorites

Whether you mean to or not, everyone seems to have a list of foods they habitually eat out of love, routine, and because they are just that good. Below is a list of foods and products that I basically couldn’t live without. I will be adding some of my own photos shortly as well as some recipes where I incorporate these foods into. Enjoy and please try the products out if you haven’t already.

My Good Eats and Favorites I couldn’t live without:

1. GREEK YOGURT!!!!!!!! I absolutely eat this 1-3 times a day with berries, cereals, granolas, flax, and protein powder. It’s heaven in a cup. fage-yogurtI usually eat the Fage brand, and I love love love the 2% kind. It’s so creamy and I believe the single containers are slightly bigger than the 0% ones, which is wonderful.

2. Other Greek Yogurts: I like to experiment and try other greek yogurts as well. The following have become my favorites, second to Fage: Voskos, Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, and Oikos.

3. Kashi GoLean/Kashi GoLean Crunch/PB PUFFINS!!!! These cereals should basically be in every households pantry.kashiimages-1cereal-puffins-peanut-butter_b19f9d7b1

4. OATMEAL!!! this is a new love of mine. I never ate oatmeal until I started reading blogs.p331000315. Jay Robb’s Vanilla Protein Powder300_18666

6. Naturally More Almond Butter: p91232b7. Zoe’s granolazoes_granola_family

Chia Seeds: A great mix in to your daily bowl of oats!chia-seed-pack-large

PB2: The most amazing peanut butter powder that can be used in almost anything, or as normal PB. One of my Favs!300_75339EGGS: I could eat them morning, noon, and night. b-fast, lunch, snack, dinnereggs


2 responses to “Good Eats/Favorites

  1. Coco , you are making GOOD choices.

  2. 2% outdoes 0% anyday. Ew fatfreeeee!

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