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Recap-New Site Still Underway

Hello lovely bloggies!!! Sorry for being MIA the past few days. I’ve been working on getting my own hosted site up and running and it’s taking a bit longer than expected. In the meantime I am going to continue to use this one and I hope you all keep reading and follow me to my new site once it’s in working order. It is going to be wonderful and I hope you all like it!!!!!

Here is a bit of a recap of just a few of the things I’ve been snacking on the past couple days. I didn’t take picture of everything, but I have been eating more yogurt again since my stomach hasn’t been acting up. Basically this is a snack recap!


Pre-snack before seeing The Hangover (such a hilarious movie!!)

cottage cheese and flaxseed

cottage cheese and flaxseed


Random, turkey, eggwhite, goat cheese, tomato, pita sandwich

Random, turkey, eggwhite, goat cheese, tomato, pita sandwich

Pre-dinner snack

FAGE with kashi go lean and go lean crunch

FAGE with kashi go lean and go lean crunch

Thats all for Friday, the movie was absolutely fantastic!!! So random and f-ed up!!! I really recommend you go!


We all went paintballing in the morning and had a blast!!!! I don’t have any food photos because I was out in the Jungle flexing my stealth skills and dominating the battleground!


Joey and I were invited to a very special grad party at the Harvard Club for my cousin Lucy. It was so nice to see that part of the family again and for Joey to meet some powerful people. It’s all about networking people!

Before we headed out I had a snack (just incase the food was not to my liking)

cottage cheese with fiber 1 and Go Lean

cottage cheese with fiber 1 and Go Lean

We had to get all spiffed up for the event! I love dressing up!

We had to get all spiffed up for the event! I love dressing up!


This morning I woke up to a comforting bowl of oat bran. Today it was extra creamy and good.

DSC_0006In the Mix: 1/3 C oat bran, cinnamon, PP, bloobs, tsp of Crunch AB, heaping tsp Raw Crunchy AB


Today I am off to go to Total Body Conditioning at the BSC. I don’t really have any other plans besides possibly checking out the Dragon Boat races on the Charles River. I think I am going to plan on doing that, but I have some advertising work to squeeze in somewhere today. Tomorrow, back to the grind of beginning a new week.

I hope you all had a fabulous and enjoyable weekend. From reading all your blogs on Google Reader sounds like there were some fun activities going on…ex: bowling, surfing, marathons, etc.

Please stay posted about my switch over to my new site. I hope you all like it!!!!!!!


Wednesdays-half way there!

I am soooo excited it’s Wed. already!!!!!

I had a wonderful personal day today and was able to catch up on some work that I have been procrastinating on for far too long. I have a press kit to complete by the 23rd, and I’m getting a bit nervous about the lack of work I’ve completed. OOPSY.

This morning I woke up with a slight soar throat and a very small appetite. I started with some french press coffee and half a huge, juicy, luscious grapefruit! I don’t see very many grapefruits around the blogosphere..why is that?p4070001

p4070003Around 9:30 I finally craved the overnight oatbran I had waiting for me in the refrig.

My Bowl =

  • 1/3 c oat bran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • packet of flax seeds
  • cinnamon

Mix ins=

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • chopped almonds, pumpkin seeds
  • TBS goji berries

Joey’s bowl=

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, salt
  • scoop of honey

mix ins =

  • 2 TBS Dark Chocolate Dreams
  • 1 sliced banana on topp4070004p4070005p4070006SOOOOO YUMO! Even though the weather is getting warmer, I think I’m still gonna eat hot and yummy oatmeal occasionally. What are some warm weather alternatives?

After CLUB STRENGTH at the gym today I had a Jimmy Carter from Boloco. So peanut buttery and good.2497058359_6a5610dec3

Then when I got home I enjoyed this scrumptiously juicy fuji with some Naturally More.p4030005I seem to be in a snack rut, all I eat is yogurt with fruit, granola, or cereal. I just started eating apples and peanut or almond butter and it is one of the greatest snack alive. I always resort back to these two snack when it comes down to it.

Check out this site for snack ideas. It helped me out, but I would love to hear suggestions of some fav snack ideas cirulating around the blogworld!?

21 homemade snacks under 100 cals

So tonight I had class and brought a snack of oikos greek yogurt with some fiber 1.

I got home and had some delightful leftovers, but devowered it so fast I forgot to take pictures. I have to put reminders up for myself to do that!!!!

Anyways I’m off to read some Twilight…..

Funny story: While lying here writing this post…Joey screamed from the bathroom…HE DROPPED MY DEODERANT IN THE TOILET WHILE IT WAS FLUSHING!!! NOW ITS GONE!! eeeh I hope that doesn’t cause any problems.

Snack suggestions?

Thursday Night Class at Fajita night!!

Today has been hectic so far and I only managed to get pictures of the lovely bowl of oatbran I enjoyed this morning.
I ended up being able to go to Club Strength class because the maintenance people had to come back later in the day to fix my kitchen.
I had a scrumptious pita sandwich with hummus, turkey, spinach, cayenne pepper, and tomatoes. As you’ll notice, I’m a big spicy food fan! I’ll get better about taking pictures during the day.
This evening I’m off to class for Contemporary Ethics. We are watching Gattaca in class and discussing whether cloning is morally right or wrong. Sounds interesting.snackers
I packed this snack to eat during class in my brand new BuiltNY lunch baggy that came in the mail today during my kitchen nightmare.
Tonight I’m headed to Jojo’s house to make fajitas and banana bread. We are going to try eatingbender’s “betta banana bread” and substitute greek yogurt for the apple sauce. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Question of the evening: What are some great portable snacks ideas?